Bond your claim - Protect your client !
In the unlikely event that funds are collected on your claim but not remitted to you, our $1 million insurance bonding program will pay your client provided you register the claim through the methods detailed below and meet the conditions described on the attached "Business Protector” Program policy.

Using LawListIL.com to bond your claims is simple. Enter the zip code for the defendant and locate a nearby lawyer. Chose a name to learn more about the lawyer. On this page select "Submit Claim", fill in the details requested and forward. Your choosen attorney receives their information and we retain a copy of the information to register your claim.

How else can claims be bonded ?

When using the directory to select a nearby lawyer and place your claims through the mail, register them with us from one of these options:
  • SEND A COPY OF YOUR FORWARDING LETTER or MONTHLY PRINTOUT — Mail, Email or Fax the information using the contact info shown below. Mention in your letter that the attorney was chosen from Lawyers Referral Directory, or add a "c.c. IL" or "c.c. LRD" in your forwarding letter, or
  • COUPONS — Fill out the Forwarding Notices found in the back of our directory and mail them to the address shown below.

For more details about our "Business Protector" policy click here to review BOND DETAILS



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